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Greetings from the 12th Legacy!
We are a casual fleet dedicated to those who enjoy a social and friendly environment for all factions of Star Trek Online.

We are a close-knit community with a vast knowledge of the Star Trek Universe but we also enjoy branching out into other gaming genres. We pride ourselves in our openness and commitment to providing the best experience for all of our members no matter of their chosen game, play style or level of experience.

Fleet News

by kahn
Hello All,

I'd like to schedule our monthly Fleet Meeting for October 15th 2016 in Teamspeak. We'll have the meeting at the usual time,12:00 Pacific/15:00 Eastern/20:00 Greenwich in the Conference Room channel. We'll try and get a recording as usual and post it for people who can't make it. If you can make the meeting we would love to see you there. Since we are in the middle of our Kot'Baval festival our Bat'leth Tournament will be held after the meeting. Grab your KDF aligned character and meet with us during the meeting on Qo'noS. Below is the current agenda and if there is anything people would like to add please let me know.

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Armada review
Kot'Baval Festival
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