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Directives are subject to change, after ratification by the fleet.

Last update on 8/01/2019

Global Fleet Directives

1. Relationships with other Fleets/Guilds.
The 12th Legacy imposes no restrictions on members who chose to be participants of other Fleets/Guilds within Star Trek Online or any other game.
However positions of Captain Rank and above cannot be obtained if said member actively holds an “Officer Equivalent” position within another Fleet/Guild.

1-A. Ambassadorial Roles.
The 12th Legacy has no objections to Fleet members assuming a Diplomatic/Ambassadorial role on behalf of the 12th Legacy. We do ask that these individuals inform the Chief of Fleet HQ and/or Chief of Fleet Operations.

1-B. 12th Legacy Alliance.
The 12th Legacy Alliance Program is designed for anyone who is a member of the UFP armada to gain full access to all 12th Legacy services, similar to a full 12th Legacy member with the expectation of participating in any Fleet related voting. 

Members within the Alliance Group are expected to follow the Rules listed within the 12th Legacy Rules and Directives as they would as a dedicated member.

If a member of the Alliance group would wish to transfer any character to the Gaming Division, they will need to fill out the application form, where they will be promoted to full 12th Legacy Gaming Division member status.

2. Activity Checks.
Non-member groups such as Ambassadors, Veterans, Forums and Alliance members are not required to meet activity targets.

Gaming Division Members refer to Ranks, Promotions, & Activity Requirements.

2-A. Leave of Absence
If any member feels they are unable to meet the minimum requirements either in-game or on the forums, users can request a leave of absence (LOA) by contacting their Division Chief via PM.

3. Behavior.
3-A. Language.
The 12th Legacy adopts a casual approach to the use of language.

Whether in the forums or Discord, a mild level of profanity is tolerated, however the 12th Legacy does not accept derogatory insults or remarks towards any group or individuals, regardless of their membership status.
Bullying, harassment (sexual or other) and trolling will not be tolerated. 

3-B Reporting and Investigations.
If any member of the fleet feels that another member is in violation of any of the Rules and Directives, in any way, they should immediately report via PM to a Member of Command. The reporting member is recommended to provide evidence (audio, video, and/or screenshots) and upon their agreement, names of any supporting witnesses, to support their claim.

Once the claim is filed, all members of Command will confer to determine the best course of action to take.
If investigation is warranted, the materials provided by claimant will be used as evidence against defendant. The Defendant will be given opportunity to present any evidence and/or witnesses in their behalf.

3-C. Conclusions and Reprimands.
Once all materials and statements are gathered from Claimant and Defendant, Command will confer to determine a decision and if warranted, a course of action to take.
Once a decision is reached and a course of action implemented both parties will be notified and case will be determined closed. Reprimands will be determined on a case by case basis.

4. Resignation from the Fleet.

In the unfortunate event a 12th Legacy member decides to leave the fleet, we ask that said member gives sufficient notice to allow command members the time necessary to update membership rosters, announcements of resignations can be made in the Fleet Talk Board on the Forums or via PM to a member of Command.

Leaving members will be transferred to the Veterans group to maintain their forum access privileges. Once said members have been transferred to the veterans group, any remaining accounts within Gaming Division will also be removed.

If a member is to resign without notice, the 12th Legacy retains the right to demote said member's group and rank to that of a regular forum member upon discovery.

4-A. Returning Members.
Returning members are always welcome back to the 12th Legacy at any time. In order to return to the 12th Legacy, individuals can  reapply via the Application form.
Once complete, returning member will have to undergo the same 14 day probationary period as any new member, unless proper resignation was given beforehand. In case of such event, probationary period may be waived.

Gaming Division Directives

1. Star Trek Online
1-A. Field Commissions.
The 12th Legacy supports instant in-game invitations into the fleet, also known as a Field Commission. Fleet members with the rank of Lieutenant Commander or higher are authorized to extend Field Commissions on conditions that they ensure that invited players understand the time frame of submitting forum and fleet applications, and that a member of Division Command is notified so follow up on process is ensured. 
Once this is complete the mandatory 14 day probationary period will start (See "Gaming Division Directives, Section 1-C. - "Probationary Periods & Fleet Bank / Provision Access" for more information).
If said member does not complete the conditional forum registration within three days of receiving a Field Commission, the 12th Legacy reserves the right to remove said member from the in-game roster.

1-B Acceptance of Characters.
At this point in time, the 12th Legacy has no restrictions of the amount of characters you can enlist within both Federation and Klingon fleets.

The 12th Legacy also does not require our members to have their “Main Character” enlisted within the 12th Legacy Fleet, “Alt Characters” are acceptable if the individual has characters in other fleets.

1-C. Probationary Periods & Fleet Bank / Provision Access. 
In order to protect the Fleet’s resources and investments, new members are required to go through a mandatory 14 day Probationary period. This probation only affects the individual’s access to the Fleet Bank and Star Base Provisions until their probation expires. If you have not been promoted at the end of your probationary period, please contact Division Chief (or Vice Chief).

Items located within the Fleet Bank may be shared between characters within an individuals account, this applies to character within said account that is not enlisted within the 12th Legacy Roster. Items withdrawn from the Fleet bank by members are theirs to do with as they wish. However, be mindful of withdraw limits that are in place according to rank and will not be exceeded.

Command members reserve the right to sell specific items within the Fleet Bank, where the revenue generated will be returned to the Fleet as currency, more valuable items or donated towards the progression of the 12th Legacy Fleet Holdings.

2. Gaming Division...all games (supported or not)
2-A. Cross Membership of Games Within Division.
Members may have characters in as many games in the Gaming Division as they wish, so long as your game choices and character name(s) are filled out on the application form. We do ask to be mindful of the activity requirements for you rank in the Division.

3. Other Division Games

TBD soon

Forum Directives

1. Fleet Events
Any member on the 12th Legacy forums are permitted to create and host events for any game or meeting on the 12th Legacy forums, this also includes Ambassadors from fleets/guilds outside of the 12th Legacy offering invitations to participate in their activities. 

All events will be displayed on the Community Hub for forum members and News & Events page for visitors.

It is customary to post the times of events in both Central European (CET(GMT+1)), US Eastern (EST(GMT-4)) and US Pacific (PST(GMT-7)) times.

The 12th Legacy reserves the right to remove any events that may be deemed [1] Inappropriate, [2] Of an advertisement/recruitment nature for external fleets/guilds, [3] Against the 12th Legacy Rules and Directives.

2. Responsibility of Moderators
All members with moderation privileges in the forums and on Discord (mainly Command members) have the responsibility to ensure that all members have the best experience on the 12th Legacy forums and to ensure no individuals compromise the integrity of the Fleet rules and directives. 

2-A Moving & Removal of Threads and Posts.
Staff members and /or moderators of the forums and Discord have authority to remove threads or posts they feel violate forum policy. When the infringing article is removed from the conversation a Private Message sent to the Post/Thread Author explaining the reason for the removal.
If the author feels removal is unjust, a appeal can be made to another member of Command and a consensus will be made by command members. Once a decision is made the Author of post/thread will be notified, and decision will be final and case will be determined settled and closed. Threads that do not fit a particular Board's topic may be moved to the correct location, a notice shall be given to direct readers to the thread's new location.

2-B Locking of Threads.
Moderators retain the right to lock a thread on the grounds of infringement of the fleet rules and directives, however explanations must be given for the original author via Private Message or via posting in the original article.

2-C. Amendments of Posts & Threads.
Moderatos may edit an individuals post in order to aid the author or to omit content that may be detrimental to the Fleet Rules & Directives.
In any case, moderators are required to complete the "Edit Reason" form when modifying an individuals message.