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by kahn
Greetings all, 

I've been meaning to get to this a lot sooner this year, but IRL has been keeping me way busier than I would have liked, I appreciate everyone's continued dedication. 

First off, we have several command level positions that I'd like to fill. Folks who are dedicated to our cause and can help with the day to day operations of the fleet. If you're interested please PM me in game or on the website and we'll see where we can fit you in. I'm really looking for some assistance in any aspects we can to ensure the continuity of the fleet, and that I'm not the only one making the big decisions. I know we've been trying to make progress towards a more multi-gaming fleet/community, but I think with our resources as thin as they are we need to focus on just one game and really look at building a strong core before we try to branch out into other various areas. As it stands, STO seems to be our most popular game, and should be where we focus our attention moving forward. If at a later date things grow to a point where we can seriously look at expanding our reach, we'll address it then. For now that's where all our investment will come from a command standpoint. This is not to say that we are going to discourage members from playing other games, in fact I'll encourage it, but the management of those games will solely be the responsibility of the individuals playing it. 

As far as STO goes the in-game fleet is healthy. We have several dedicated individuals who continue to contribute to our fleet resources and we've very close to maxing out everything. The Colony is well on it's way to becoming Tier 5, and we have just a little extra work to max out the starbase. The KDF fleet is moving nicely as well, although not nearly as fast. The assets have been making steady progress despite the low membership count. We could always use more assistance with it and if you haven't made a KDF character yet, I highly encourage people to give it a shot and join us. In both instances we have a good spot in the UFP Armada's and our sister fleet's have been generously contributing to our success as well. I encourage our members to do the same and if you have extra resources feel free to contribute them to the fleets in the Armada tab. We continue to accept new recruits and alt's into the fleet so if you need invite's please let us know. 

Membership wise, we're in a decent spot but I'd really love to see more people joining us. We have a lot to offer any prospective member and encourage our existing membership to push new folks our way should anyone ask. We do still have and maintain the Discord as well as the website and will continue to maintain them as long as the fleet is still going. I've been thinking about really turning a more casual feel to how we manage and maintain things so for now I think it may be best to suspend the activity requirements and just do periodic house cleaning as the need arises. I don't want our fleet to fail, or become some kind of dead alt repository so having some kind of bare minimum of activity requirements should suffice. I'll be doing one such cleanup at some point this month to see officially where we stand and start looking at ways of attracting new members. If anyone has any ideas or wants to help out I'll gladly accept the council. As far as inviting others to the fleet, I'm going to open that up for all members, and negate the need for them to register on the website. If they choose to participate here, than that's certainly their choice, but not a requirement. I still think before we open up bank/resource access to those new members though they need to be a member for at least 7 days (A week) before being promoted. That will help weed out the people who are just here to raid our stuff. High level gear will still be restricted though and handed out by command to those in need. 

In closing, I appreciate everyone who's held onto the fleet, despite it's outward appearance of being dead. I've been really busy myself and haven't had a lot of time to do any administrative duties, but I'm often in game on the weekends, and encourage people to say hello should they see others on. Do some TFO's together, hang out in the Discord, and encourage discussion on the website. That's one of the best ways we can show others that our fleet is strong and entice them to join us. There's a lot of Star Trek things out there, new shows we're all watching and it's bringing people to the game. I've been doing a lot of work on my KDF characters, and focusing a lot of my efforts on the fleet there, so shoot me a friend request and if you don't see me on the Fed fleet, that's usually where I'm at. I'm always available if anyone needs and hope with the loosening of our requirements we can start to expand the fleet. 

Until Next Time, 
Jolan Tru


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